Abolish 21st Century Slavery
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Project Refuge


“My Refuge House is a safe place and I consider it my own refuge.  They always help me here.  I always imagine that we are one famiy here because they are always taking such good care of me.”  Survivor, age 13

“Thank you so much for the love and support you have shown to us.  Thank you also for keeping us safe here.” Survivor, age 17
Slavery No More and My Refuge House have joined forces in order to serve victims of human trafficking in Cebu, Philippines.  In the Philippines, hundreds of victims are subjected to forced prostitution each day in well-known and highly visible business establishments that cater to both domestic and foreign deman for commercial sex acts (Trafficking in Person’s Report 2011)  Visit My Refuge House for more information on how they are catering to the needs of vicitms of commerical sexual exploitation.