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When a rescued victim of human trafficking and slavery arrives at one of the few homes or shelters available to care for them, they have nothing but the clothes on their back. And while these facilities work tirelessly to provide the medical, legal, and emotional care rescued victims need, they often have all too few resources to provide anything more.  This is where the Slavery No More Freedom Bag Campaign fits in.

Imagine being kidnapped or coerced into bondage, having your identification and legal documents taken, then being transported off to an unknown location where you are tortured and abused on a daily basis, for what seems like eternity, as you lose all hope and dignity, and come to know only pain and utter humiliation. There is no end in sight. Ever. Until somehow, against all odds and expectation, you are rescued. Yet still, you feel very alone, you are wounded and severely traumatized, and you come to learn your final destiny is still hanging in the balance as the legal system attempts to determine who you are, if you are a criminal or a victim, and how and when they can legally return you to your home. And months go by.

The Slavery No More Freedom Bag Campaign will reach out to these victimized men, women and children at six aftercare facilities in Southern California by providing Freedom Bags filled with basic hygiene products, clothing and personal items to help them feel cared for, give them dignity during their processing and initial care, and to aide in the beginning of their healing process. And as law enforcement agencies confirm, these forms of care for slavery and trafficking victims can make all the difference in whether they feel safe enough, indeed courageous enough, to identify their perpetrators — or, still bound up by fear, cannot, leaving their perpetrators at large to pursue, harm, and potentially re-enslave them, as well as other potential victims.

Slavery No More is asking you — individuals, community groups, corporations and churches — to participate in the Freedom Bag Campaign by merely helping us to collect the contents of these critical Freedom Bags.

Contact Slavery No More if you would like to conduct a collection drive, or financially support the Freedom Bag Campaign.

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Recipient homes:

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)
The Dream Center
Covenant House
Hope House
Saving Innocence
LA Probation