Abolish 21st Century Slavery
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Because the need is urgent and immediate, and if you were able to look into the eyes of a helplessly trapped and brutalized slave, and knew you could rescue them, you would not walk away without doing so. The fight to abolish modern-day slavery is not glamorous, nor one fought on short outings by the general public, but by investigators, lawyers and trained caregivers – and those who sacrifice to resource them – who together bring about the location, rescue and recovery of this atrocity’s victims, but also the conviction of it’s perpetrators and the structural transformation of communities and nations wherein they thrive. In order to dramatically increase the global effectiveness of the people and organizations doing this courageous work, in a time frame acceptable to anyone who cares about the precious, desperate and hurting victims, your resources are needed!

Things YOU Can Do

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  • Organize a benefit event, dinner or concert
  • Host a home screening of an anti-trafficking movie
  • Work with Slavery No More to organize a training for your group/community (see the form to the left)
  • Organize a sporting event to raise awareness
  • Start a slavery/human trafficking book club
  • Blog, Tweet, or Facebook the facts of modern day slavery
  • Wear clothes and accessories that bring awareness
  • Host a Fair-Trade Booth (via Fair Trade LA)
  • Start a Traffic-Free Community Group through Oasis International
  • Organize an event that brings awareness
  • Write a paper about Human Trafficking for school
  • Start or join a justice chapter at your school
  • Advocate for Victims
  • Call your Congressman or Senator to support funding to end human trafficking
  • Volunteer your language translation skills to an aid agency
  • Volunteer at a local Human Trafficking event
  • Donate your medical skills through aid agencies
  • Organize a campaign to support human trafficking legislation
  • Write and send an Op-Ed to a local newspaper or magazine